Well Inspections & Water Testing

Donofrio & Associates, LLC. provides an informational and comprehensive Well Inspection.

We perform the following services during our inspection:

  • Locate and evaluate the well casing and cap
  • Measure the distance the well casing and cap sit from the ground
  • Determine the distance the well sits from the home
  • Conduct flow yield test during the inspection
  • Check well pressure tank, switches, gauges, and water softener equipment
  • Locate the control box of the well

We do not perform septic inspections or water potability testing.


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We also partner with WelGard to protect you against virtually all well water failures for the first six months from your inspection. This is free, with nothing to buy; no obligation. This covers all well related emergencies, and can renew in 6 months.

Please feel free to view a Sample Well Inspection Report here.

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Water Testing

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does NOT regulate private drinking water wells? It is your responsible to make sure your water is safe for your family to drink. Donofrio & Associates, LLC. offers water testing for coliform bacteria to ensure your water is safe.

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The EPA recommends testing your well water at least once a year. Water testing should also be performed when you have concerns such as: 

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  • Reoccurring gastrointestinal problems
  • Pregnant or infant in the household
  • Change in water color or taste
  • Broken well cap
  • Broken water line to house
  • Selling your home
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