“It appears that the inspector not only knows what he is doing but loves what he is doing. Obviously you choose inspectors wisely and motivate them well.” 4/27/2018

“Inspector showed up 45 minutes early, as did I and we began. He was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. Matt Setter - A credit to your company. Thank you”  4/25/2018

“Loved Tiffani! She was awesome and very attentive. Very explanatory”  4/29/2018

“Lenny is truly a master of his craft. He took the time to explain the procedure, what he was doing, how he was doing it, and why he was doing it. Incredibly thorough. Tiffany was also on-site as a secondary inspector. She was also incredibly thorough & eager to explain anything I had a question about. Fantastic job!”  4/19/2018

“Very professional and made it fun. First time buyer and therefore inspection; so it was awesome to see how patient the inspector was and how thorough he was when answering my questions.”  4/14/2018

“Inspector came early, stayed a long time, answered all my questions. I like how the report is full of pictures with arrows and markings to help understand what is being pointed out. It was also nice to get the report on the same day. Also love the summary document and the option to just see what is defective.”  4/12/2018

“The number of inspectors you have available and your exceptional office admin staff.”  4/9/2018

“On time, thorough, helpful, pleasant. Can't ask for more.”  4/6/2018

“The experience was great. John answered all my client's questions and my questions and explained everything thoroughly, which is much appreciated. I will be sure to recommend. Thanks!”  4/5/2018

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