Certified New Construction Home Inspections in Aldie, VA, and Potomac, MD

Serving the DC Metro Area, Including Aldie, Alexandria, Fairfax, Reston, Ashburn, and Potomac

Every home in the greater DC Metro Area, including a new-construction home, needs to be as safe and ready as possible for people to move in. At Donofrio & Associates, LLC, we provide thorough and certified new-construction inspections to ensure that every home is safe and up to code.

What We Inspect

We provide multiple inspections at various parts of the building process. Rely on us for help with the following:

  • Footer and Foundation Inspection: Before the concrete slab is poured, we inspect everything from the plumbing to the steel perimeter, beams, bolts, grading, and waterproofing.
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection: Before the insulation and drywall are installed, we inspect the framing, structure, electricity, plumbing, drainage, weatherproofing, roof, attic, and windows. All Trade Inspections must be confirmed as passed prior to scheduling this inspection. 
  • Final Walkthrough Inspection: We provide a comprehensive NACHI-certified full home inspection to ensure that everything is completed so you can use our full report as a beneficial tool during your final walk through with the Builder.
  • 11th Month Warranty Inspection: If the homeowner has a 12-month warranty with the Builders, we inspect the home around the 11th month to provide notification of any defects for the original builder to fix.

Our in-depth inspections ensure that each home is in move-in condition, which saves the builder and the homeowner time, money, and stress.

What We Promise

Our job as inspectors is to ensure that a newly constructed home is stable, safe, and ready for people to move in. Our emphasis on various inspections throughout the building process helps builders know what to fix, if any local conditions hinder the project, and what the builders can cross off their building checklist.

The home inspection does not include a review for compliance with regulatory requirements (Building Code or other codes, regulations, laws, ordinances, etc.).

Call to schedule an inspection with an NRS-Certified Inspector today at (703) 771-8374.