Home Inspector for Arlington, VA

You’ve fallen in love with a new home, but before you move in, you need to schedule a home inspection. The earlier you do this in the buying process, the better. You have a limited amount of time to negotiate with the seller and have them fix any problems that come up in the inspection. In addition, a home inspector’s schedule fills up fast during the busy season.

If you need a certified home inspector to evaluate a residence in Arlington, VA, choose Donofrio & Associates, LLC.

What We Inspect

During the home inspection, we’ll assess your home from the inside out and top to bottom. We’ll check that the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roof systems are all in order. Since some issues with a home aren’t apparent in a simple walkthrough, this inspection is critical to uncovering any hidden issues.

Why You Should Choose Us

We may not be the only home inspectors who serve Arlington, VA, but we should be your first choice. When you choose Donofrio & Associates, LLC, you get unique advantages, such as:

  • 90-day warranty for any issues that covers anything the inspector missed
  • 1-year warranty for roof leaks
  • Mold warranty
  • Sewer warranty
  • Well warranty

In addition, we offer several specials along with your home inspection. These include discounts on handyman services and security systems.

Schedule a Home Inspection Today

Don’t wait to book an inspection for your new home in Arlington, VA. Call (703) 771-8374 today to speak to a representative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Inspections

  • When should I schedule my home inspection?

    Home buyers should schedule a home inspection as soon as you have a ratified contract, usually within 5-7 days. Home sellers typically schedule a home inspection as a pre-listing assessment to repair any items prior to putting their home on the market.

  • Should I attend my home inspection?

    Yes, please do! We encourage you to follow the inspector around, ask questions, and learn more about your potential new home. Although not required, it is helpful to gain valuable information.

  • Do you get on top of the roof?

    Our roof inspections are conducted from the ground as well as from the attic. We do not get on pitched roofs due to the liability.

These are the most commonly asked questions, however if you have additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist.