Commercial Inspection Services in Fairfax, VA

A smart buyer will conduct a property inspection prior to closing on any commercial property. There are a lot of potential issues with commercial properties and the cost to repair and maintain buildings can be significant. It is important to get the facts of your potential investment while you are still in the buying process. There is no one better at assessing all types of commercial and industrial properties than Donofrio & Associates, LLC.

Inspections are performed by our team of engineers led by a US Naval Academy Structural Engineer with over 35 years of experience in building structural, mechanical and electrical systems. It will include all the following:

  • Inspection of the Plumbing, Electrical System, HVAC Systems, Roof, Structural Frame, Building Envelope, and Site Improvements
  • Inspection of Elevators and Interior Spaces
  • ADA Assessment
  • 10 Year Replacement Study

Experienced Commercial property owners, occupants, and investors know the importance and benefits of hiring a professional and highly-qualified commercial building inspector to perform a Commercial Inspection or Reserve Study.

Reserve Study

The Reserve Study consists of the Physical Analysis and the Financial Analysis. The Physical Analysis assesses the current condition and repair or replacement cost of the major common area components the association is obligated to maintain. The Financial Analysis contains an evaluation of the association's Reserve balance (measured by Percent Funded) and a recommended Funding Plan to offset the anticipated replacement cost of the major common area components the association is obligated to maintain.

Reserve Study: It’s the LAW

Reserve Studies are required per the Condominium Act (55-79.39) and the Property Owners’ Association Act (55-514.1) at least every five (5) years with an annual review. We are here to help you stay in compliance with this law.

Donofrio & Associates, LLC. has a unique Reserve Study System that provides a cost-effective and easy to interpret report, providing a powerful and valuable tool for building/property managers and owners.

Our team of engineers and analysts are spearheaded by our founder, a mechanical, electrical, and structural engineer from the US Naval Academy with over 35 years of experience in building systems.

We will provide an analysis and spreadsheet detailing immediate needs and projected reserve requirements for periods of 10, 20, or 30 Years.