Real Estate Agents Continuing Education Courses

Donofrio & Associates, LLC now offers courses on a number of topics related to the Home Inspection.

Each course is approved for real estate continuing education credits.

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A home's energy efficiency has a direct impact on the owner's wallet. Join instructor Joseph Donofrio as he presents an overview of numerous key topics surrounding today's green home.

• Differentiate between ‘green’ and ‘green-washed’ products and services.
• Describe characteristics and benefits of green appliances.
• Describe the benefits of green systems that can be installed within a home.
• Identify characteristics of green construction.

Lead Safety


Any structure built before 1972 is at risk for containing lead based paint.
The prevalence of lead paint may impact many different areas of a real estate transaction.
Join instructor Joseph Donofrio and learn to:

• Define lead abatement and explain why lead based paint is prevalent in buildings prior to 1972.
• Identify and explain the health implications of lead based paint poisoning.
• Describe risks of performing renovations on areas afflicted with lead based paint.
• Explain government regulations that address lead based paint.
• Describe tests available to determine if lead based paint is prevalent in a building.



The presence of mold can derail the home buying process.  Join instructor Joseph Donofrio and learn:

• Define mold and explain its common causes.
• Describe health effects of mold.
• Provide answers to buyers’ commonly asked questions regarding mold.
• Describe the impact of mold on the real estate transaction.



Any home, regardless of when it was built, its location, or the materials used in construction, can expose its residents to radon.
Join instructor Joseph Donofrio and learn to:

• Identify risks associated with long-term exposure.
• Describe ways that radon can infiltrate a house.
• Explain testing measures that can be used to identify the presence of radon in a home
• Describe the benefits of radon mitigation systems.
• Guide your clients through the real estate transactions process with particular sensitivity to radon



A home inspection is one of the most crucial parts of the home buying process. Offers can be finalized or revoked as a result of a home inspector’s report.

Inspections can be a source of anxiety for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.
Join instructor Joseph Donofrio as he presents information that will make the inspection process easier for all parties!

• Direct clients to the best inspectors
• Anticipate frequently asked home inspector questions
• Better equip clients for the home inspection process