Can a colorless, odorless gas be affecting you right now?

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | June 14, 2017

One of the last things you may be thinking about as you sit in your home is radon.  It may be something you’ve heard about, but it can actually be affecting you now! What is radon?  Radon is a cancer causing radio-active gas.  You can’t smell, taste, or see it.  Radon naturally forms within the […]

Do you have mold issues?

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | June 7, 2017

Mold is everywhere, but what do we know about it?  Mold loves moisture.  In your home, it could be found around leaky or flooded areas.  It can grow on a variety of surfaces such as wood, ceiling tile, and paper.  You may or may not detect noticeable signs of mold in your home.  However, these […]

Coming Soon!

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | May 15, 2017