Got Termites?

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | July 26, 2017

One type of pest that homeowners really fear is the termite.  Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also like paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners.  Termites can enter your home through the tiniest cracks. Spring is when winged termites, known as “swarmers,” may emerge […]

New builds…4 types of inspections to consider

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | July 19, 2017

Buying a newly constructed home, may be a dream come true and a home inspection is one sure way to protect your investment while it’s being built and after.  It will allow you to hold your builder accountable as well as provide assurance that your home is being constructed correctly. What types of inspections are […]

An important area, but one that is typically given little attention…your roof

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | July 12, 2017

Whether you are planning on selling your home, or even if you’re not going anywhere, summer is the perfect time to give your roof a little TLC.  Where should your start? Clean off debris: Remove twigs, leaves, and limbs. Inspect the flashing: Visually check that your flashing is solid and not deteriorating. Seal it if need be, […]