Fall Maintenance: Getting a Jump Start

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | September 13, 2017

For many families, fall can be a very busy time. With school back in session, sporting events to attend, and shorter amounts of daylight, your free time is often at a premium.  However, it’s important to take time now to prepare your home for winter. Here are the top 8 items that every homeowner should […]

Wasps: A Late Summer Visitor

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | August 30, 2017

Nothing can spoil your time outside quicker than seeing a wasp. These unwelcome guests are attracted to sugary foods, which give them a quick boost of energy. To make matters worse, wasp activity hits its peak in late summer. Although most wasp stings cause only mild discomfort, they sometimes result in severe allergic reactions that […]

It takes a village: The experts you’ll need when purchasing an older home

By Donofrio & Associates, LLC. | August 23, 2017

Some people dream of owning an older or historic home. The lure of mature landscaping, stained glass windows, or detailed woodwork draw in many prospective homeowners. But before signing on the dotted line, you’ll need to line up some experts―starting with an experienced home inspection company. Look for a company that employs highly trained and […]